Vistage helps executives become better leaders through membership into their business coaching network. Through a variety of peer group and mentor/mentee programs, leaders help each other elevate their leadership skills. Their old website had a lot of information - yet was poorly organized with multiple calls to action. Users had trouble understanding who Vistage truly is.


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Breanna Young

Visual Design Lead

Michael Brown

UX Lead


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designing an authentic executive coaching network

the problem

As I mentioned previously, Vistage's old website was cluttered with poorly organized information about the company. Because of this, it was hard for users to understand who Vistage is, and register to become a member of their executive coaching network. The old website was additionally visually inconsistent, had poor stock photography, and didn't tell enough of the story of their 23,000+ members (which would provide Vistage more credibility and inspire more executives to join their network.)

The old Vistage Website

the approach

My colleague Michael interviewed Vistage executives and found out what their challenges were with the old website and their hopes for the new website. He then conducted a current state UX analysis of their old website and comparative analysis of other websites. Further, he designed a sitemap and began wireframing based off of what he heard in the interview process. Because I came into this project 4 weeks in, Michael shared his insights with me and I caught up on the research by studying it and listening to recordings of each interview. I then began the visual design process. See samples of our process to the left.

my role

Brought into this project after the discovery and research process had already been conducted (interviews, comparative analysis, site-mapping, and light wireframing), I was tasked with creating analyzing the research and establishing a visual direction.

I gathered inspiration and created moodboards in Invision to present to the client. I intentionally created a moodboard that had a more traditional style similar to their current website, and a moodboard with a forward thinking, modern style to see which direction the Vistage team would like to head.

After establishing a visual direction with the client via moodboard, I started wireframing and designing out two homepage concepts based on the research conducted from earlier. 

Based on received client feedback on the homepage, I designed the rest of the site with a priority of member testimonials, clean and easy to understand information, and impactful insights of who Vistage is.

the result

The newly designed website is easier to understand, guiding the user through an a story of who Vistage is and how they impact their members. Member Testimonials take prominence throughout the site in videos, quotes, and slideshows. A clear site navigation allows Vistage to describe all parts of their coaching program and their research and insights are well organized.

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