combining retail with philanthropy

The mission of the National Retail Federation Foundation is to help those who want to begin a career in the retail industry "take their first steps toward promising careers through education, training and experiences." The Slalom team and I conducted a workshop and UX analysis of the previous NRF Foundation website to assess how meeting the needs of the user and the Foundation could be improved, and I designed the full website. Scroll down to view our process. 


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Breanna Young

UI Lead

Mischa Gorenc

UX Lead


8 weeks

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UI/ Visual Design

the problem

The NRF Foundation wanted to tell a story of impact that inspired their users to donate to their cause of shaping retail's future through retail education, research and preparing people for promising retail careers.

the approach

The Slalom team and I conducted a kickoff workshop with the National Retail Foundation digital marketing team and executives to find out their motivations, current pain points of their business/website, and visual direction they would like to head.

my role

Based off of this workshop and previous work the company has done with the Federation (including UX interviews and an analysis of their old site), my colleague Mischa and I collaborated in creating wireframes with a priority of inspirational storytelling throughout the site to show the impact of the Foundation.

Expanding on a design system previously created for, I took full responsibility in designing with a different visual style, and a pattern library to handoff to developers at NRF for clear visual understanding.

the result

Although NRF deviated from the design system we established in development (the current site does not represent the way I designed it) the current site has prioritized inspirational stories of the retail industry and foundation advocacy.


In turn, this has made it easier for the retail community to become involved in their work, emphasized the value of the retail worker, and inspired users to donate. This year, the foundation garnered support from multiple executives and celebrities, including Levi's CEO Chip Bergh and Jessica Alba.

final thoughts

The NRF Foundation hosts different events each year that all have different branding than their main brand- so it was fun to work on more experiential pages such as the Foundation Gala page above, or "The List" that deviated from their brand.


This website was one of my favorite projects to work on because I had the rare opportunity to combine my love of fashion and editorial design style to help a client. The Foundation helps thousands of people find a career in retail each year and telling that story of impact is important. 

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