What sparked my interest in design?

I've had a strong love for media from a young age, flipping through the pages of popular magazines and devouring the content from internet blogs. I remember looking at the cover pages and thinking of the people behind the scenes- what teams were responsible for telling these stories in a captivating way? What elements made me want to rip out the pages of magazines and tape them to the wall? I was determined to find out.

How did I get my start?

I wanted to become a photographer and subsequently learned Adobe Photoshop at age 12- but that evolved into a love of design instead. The media landscape shifted and drove me to concentrate in interactive media in college. Now I would consider myself a cross-platform designer- helping tell craft experiences through the best medium or solution for the audience. I want to make the lives of people easier and to make them feel good- experience by experience.

my current faves


More Than Enough by Elaine Welteroth


Finding the best brunch spots in DC with my friends


Second Life by Hillary Kerr

Design Better by Invision


Be Honest by Jorja Smith x Burna Boy


a creative update

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